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Name: Gun Sling Item: S-BD03

Belt Material: 8MM SBR covered with 130G Jersery

Belt ends fixation Material: black PU leather



1) The belt is 130G Jersery covered to one surfaces of 8MM SBR which has another surface with compression of T-shape furrows.T-shape furrows are simple cheaper process,and look nice.

2) The belt ends are black PU leather sewed in trapezoid shape and another designed three lines inside it to enhance the loading capacity of the sling, and to prevent the weaving strap at both ends being torn and come off the sling as a result of carrying heavy weight.Compared to the plastic cases, PU leather is soft, good for the sling when larger folding angles are needed. Leather are always attractive to men as high class feeling, it worth the more complex production processes.

3) The weaving strap ends attach with well-known quality quick change metal swivels, which their loops can withstand the pulling strength above 225lbs before deformed.

4) Quality gun sling in competitive unit price.




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