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Name: 115 U22 1 Item: S-0712

115 U22 1 inch Rifle Swivel Kit:


This set fits: Most Automatic, Bolt Action and Lever Action .22 Rifles and Carbines with barrel or tube magazine diameters of .420" - .470"


- w/ two quick detach super swivels; originally from Uncle Mike's, superior quality (Other types of

  swivels for options, like casting steel swivel, and trapezoid shape loop swivels)

- Swivels in Black finish, 1in loop can withstand pulling strength over 225lbs; 

- w/ one 115 wood screw, one white plastic washer, and .420" - .470" barrel clip kit;

- Products are lubrication applied for the best performance;

- Swivels standard in plastic stud, metal stud types available for options; 

- Laser logo on swivel service available.


 from Uncle Mike's Super Metal swivels model 10712)



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