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Name: 1.25in Push Button Quick Release Swivel Cap Set, REM EXP 12GA Item: S-8001

1.25" Push Button Quick Release SWVL/CAP SET,REM EXP 12GA:


FITS: 12 gauge Remington 870 Express Shotguns with internal mag tube ratchet-type system


- w/ one 1.25inch push button quick release super swivels; originally from Uncle Mike's, superior quality

- Swivels in Black finish, 1.25in loop can withstand pulling strength over 225lbs; 

- w/ one push button quick release swivel connecting cap base, one 115 long woodscrew, and one white plastic spacer;

- Products are lubrication applied for the best performance;

- Other loop sizes 1in, and 1.5in swivels available for options;



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