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Name: 9mm Neoprene Camo Gel Sling with QD Swivels Item: S-BD06

9mm Neoprene Camo Gel Sling with QD Swivels:


- Customized camo pattern (product photo presented above only for reference);

- Belt material: Neoprene and N cloth;

- 9mm thickness, not easily stretched;

- Back side assembled with gels, increase friction on shoulder; 

- Come with two 1inch quick detach super swivels, originally from Uncle Mike's, supperior quality;

- Standard in transparent plastic bag with seal+item label packaging; long or short 4-color printing header cards packaging available for options;

- Swivels standard come with plastic stud, metal stud, all metal construction types available for options; 

- Other sizes of loops, like 0.88in, 1.25inch, and 1.5inch, available for options;

- Laser logo on swivels service available for options. 



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