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Name: Harris Types of Tactical Bipods Item: AS-ZJ03-27in

27inch Harris type Tactical Bipods (can with 20mm picatinny adaptor):

Harris type of tactical bipods are quality manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys. These bipods can rotate to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground. They are quick-detachable and clamp to the Q.D. stud of bolt action rifles with conventional stock design; Hinged bases have tension adjustment to eliminate tremor or looseness in the crotch area of the bipods. These bipods have an all-weather black anodized finish.


Knob wheel control version, with legs when pull out, can be locked in any heights.


There're four different heights of models available for options: AS-ZJ03-6", AS-ZJ03-9", AS-ZJ03-13", and AS-ZJ03-27".



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